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Losing Faith-Birthday Dinner
    It was the Barbershop Quartet's birthday. Well, to be more accurate, it was the Duet twins birthday. Viola and Cadence Duet were turning 16, but their basically-siblings Reed Piper and Melody Harper were so excited one might have thought they were all born the same day, which wasn't too far off; Reed and Melody were off by about a week and a half either early or late. Nobody was really certain when either of their birthdays was because they all celebrated it on the day the Duet's were born. They used to be celebrated separately, but somehow they always ended up with more gifts than guests. Even after the combination, at every Barbershop party, you always ended up bringing four gifts.
    Except for Coda. This one time, he had gone out on a limb and risked everything by getting a singular gift for the two (or four) of them. He was clearly shaking from the back of the large corner booth in the pizzeria.
    "Ok, ok, I picked the last gifts
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Major Treble- The Escape
The day passed with nothing to note, but everybody could feel the panic. Everybody but the band kids were sent home from school early, and the lockdown was transferred to the school, meaning they could at least get food now. Band kids walked about school, looking for something to do. Walker was ignored. He was hardly given a passing glance by Hillary and Thalia. The only one who even bothered talking to him was Electra. She seemed convinced that he was innocent, but why? at any rate, Walker was left to his thoughts. He was angered at being trapped in PR2. it was cramped with trash cans, chairs, and a table. There was a keyboard but there was no cord to be found. Around 9:00 PM, he literally hit the wall of PR2, then stopped as if thinking. He had remembered something.
"What is it?" Margot asked.
"nothing..." he said, spacing out.
As Margot lay down, a soft thudding with mysterious origins lulled her to sleep.
---Several hours Later---
Walker could feel it. Sleep was going to overtake h
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Major Treble-The Test
"seriously? a test? You have to be kidding me?"
"Do you have a better idea?" Hillary asked the captive.
"Yes. Let me go, because I DIDN'T DO IT!"
"just go along with it." She read from a paper now. "'Question #1: how long exactly have you known me'"
"oh, this is going to be a pain in my--"
*an hour later*
"-ass. Cass is the female main character of the secret series. Are we done?"
"you've been saying 'almost' for an hour now. are w--"
"we're done now."
"Great. can you let me out now?"
"they're processing the data"
"How long is this going to take?"
"The results came back. it appears... you are indeed Walker."
"BUT you've been brainwashed."
"Seriously? i have to stay in here?"
"i'm afraid so."
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We're Friends- Platonic pt. 2.5
Gwen woke up with a splitting headache. She had no idea where she was and why the heck she was sleeping on the ground and not in her (relatively) warm bed.
"Ah! you're up."
She looked around her. a coat was on top of her.
"thisyours?" she managed.
"Yes, thanks." but when he removed it she held on.
"" and she put the coat back over her.
five minutes passed and she woke up.
"what happened last night?"
"well, you had some crazy idea to go search for Duncan, you got me to help you, we walked for a couple of miles, and then you got cold. we sat down, and made sure you were going to be okay before going to sleep."
"Anything.... else?"
"No, no, no. Your relationship with Duncan still remains."
There was an awkward pause.
"I'm happy for you."
Gwen could tell that "happy for" really meant "miss."
"So... where are we?"
"I don't know."
"Well, we should try to get back to Playa de Losers." And she headed off in one direction. Trent followed her.
Throughout they day they hurried on in
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Major Treble-The Suspect
"Look, i didn't do it!" Walker was saying, being dragged to PR2.
They barricaded the door.
"How do we know?"  Mortimer, a saxophone player, said.
"look, ask anyone, i wouldn't hurt a fly." there was sincerity in his eyes.
"He does seem passive." Jared said. He turned to Thalia. "But I became friends with him last year. What do you think?"
"He is rather calm. But I've only known him since 6th grade." She turned to Micheal with a questioning look.
"He's got the worst poker face ever, and he's terrible at lying, if Our Mafia games are any clue. But i barely know him--since 5th grade. and he was gone two years before that." He turned to Dale, a Bassoon player.
"He's very nice and pacific. And you're getting closer, I've know him since 1st grade, but i haven't talked to him since 7th grade. People change. so that just leaves Hillary."
Everybody turned toward her.
"You're kidding me right? He's a pacifist! Don't you people know anything about your peers? He wouldn't hurt anyone if
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Major Treble-The Camera
"This doesn't make sense." Micheal said.
"That doesn't make him guilty." somebody said.
"That doesn't make him innocent." another replied.
They were all confused. and then Jared spoke up.
"Wait! Let's just check the band hall video camera!"
They finally got into the camera.
The screen showed everybody entering the band hall. Immediately after, they saw several leave, in no particular order.
but it was all out of order.
"wait..." Margot said, "I didn't leave until yesterday afternoon."
"what's going on?" Hillary wondered aloud.
Ellie and Walker are seen running out, then it cuts to Jared pointing at the camera.
"that just happened!" Thalia said. "It's all out of order."
Kylie is seen running down the hall from the middle. cut to a figure opening a locker, cut to Keylie running down the hall from the end of the hall.
"go back to the figure!" Micheal said
"I can't" replied Jared. "Be quiet, or we'll miss the whole thing."
scream is heard. cut to the flutes and cl
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Major Treble-What Exactly Happened?
Suspect Thalia was seen coming in with suspect Hillary and/or Walker
Electra was seen in her seat.
Walker came in with a backpack, oboe, water bottle from Wicked*
Hillary started setting up instrument.
Thalia Started setting up instrument.
Walker went to get water for his reed.
It was confirmed by then there was a substitute teacher.
Thalia and Walker *and Hillary* were all seen getting music.
Thalia and Walker were seen talking, *some say they heard the word "secret" being spoken by Walker.*
Thalia seen giving Samantha dirty looks.*
Most were in their seats, including victim Samantha and victim Meghan.
Subs explained the practice room assignments:
Hallway: Flutes
PR1: 1st chair clarinets
PR2: 2nd chair clarinets
PR3: Bassoons
storage room: saxes
Band room: Percussion/Low brass
Walker raised his hand, having been forgotten. Sub says to go with 1st clarinets Meghan and Samantha.
Last confirmed sighting of victims walking in PR1
*some claim they saw Walker arguing wit
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Major Treble-suspects
*note: all suspects will be filed under the format of name, instrument, motive, and pace last seen.
Name: Walker Instrument(s): 1st chair Oboe, keyboard bass (Jazz I), tenor/alto (show choir) Possible motives: sick of being ignored (being the only oboe) and decided to take revenge, seen arguing with Samantha a few days prior, possibly turncoat bandgeek who now supports choir. Last Known Whereabouts: currently trapped in practice room two.
Name: Hillary Instrument: 6th chair clarinet, bari sax (Jazz II) Possible motives: sick of being the last clarinet, she could be plotting to get rid of the clarinets one by one. Last Known Whereabouts: pacing around the storage room.
Name: Thalia Instrument: 3rd chair tenor sax, tenor sax (Jazz II) Possible motives: was seen talking to Walker that day, also arguing with Meghan. Last Known Whereabouts: talking with friends by band office.
Name: Ellie aka. electra
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We're Friends-Platonic pt. 2
Gwen and Trent were away from Playa de Losers and were searching for Duncan. Trent wanted to turn back. Gwen insisted they would find him soon.
"i'm not so sure."
Gwen told Trent about the rumor that they wouldn't even BE in the new series, but that it would be at camp Wawanakwa. slowly this drifted into Gwen talking about Duncan more and more. Trent tried to be patient, but Gwen said Duncan-this and Duncan that and Duncan---
"All right, i get it" Trent said finally, "don't take this personally, but i don't care about Duncan. I don't care if he's okay, i don't care where he is, and most certainly DON'T care about your relationship. I don't care how he treats you. I don't care the first time he kissed you. I don't care if you've..."
"What? No, of course we haven't. And if you don't care so much, why are you helping me?"
"You know it's because of the bedroom."
"I know it's most definitely NOT."
There was an awkward silence. they continued the search.
"you know, that's not the first time
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Major Treble: A Band Whodunit-intro
There was chaos in the band room. Nobody knew how it started, but four things were clear: Walker knew something he wasn't telling, Samantha was on the ground, lifeless and covered in blood, something sinister was going on in the band program, and whatever happened next would happen to Meghan.
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We're Friends-Platonic pt. 1
Trent was in the bath. he was thinking about everything that had happened in the first season. and the second. and the third. he was back at Playa des Losers, awaiting to hear what hellhole chris would put them through next.
He had definitely changed during the last season. he was much calmer, and much much more reserved. he talked to others, but mostly he just sat alone, coming up with new songs to play on his guitar. most notably though, his 9 obsession had calmed. it was there all right, but not as noticeable. he didn't freak out if he didn't have nine grapes, but the signs were there, almost invisible though, so most people thought he had grown out of it. the truth was just the opposite. if he had bothered to give song demos to anyone, somebody might notice he used only nine different chords in a song.
he was thinking, wondering. not about anything in particular, just wondering when he heard a knock on the door.
"it's open."
"trent? are you in here? i really have to talk to you?"
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Crazy Dreams Club- Intro
Hi! My name is Codename "Ringo," and i am normal just like every one- oh what the hell!
can you keep a secret?
No, Really. can you keep a secret?
okay, but first you need to know two things that go hand and hand.
1.i'm VERY forgetful and 2. i'm very spacey
okay, now that we've got that straight here it is:
i've have crazy dreams.
but that's not the secret.
the secret is that at least half the time i'm willing to bet they were real.
here's generally what happens on any give day:
night-i dream a crazy dream (e.g. i go to a party, meet a cool kid, there's a mansion and a pool)
wake up-i remember parts of my dream, but it's not clear. (there's a house and a pool)
breakfast-my dream has successfully fade about 2/3 of the way. (there was some sort of water)
arrive at school-i have something nagging me somewhere in my brain, but i've forgotten my dream. (i was going to talk about something....)
lunch-i've fully remembered my dream(some kid that looks vaguely familiar talks to me and BOOM! i'v
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Green Plaid by oboebandgeek99 Green Plaid :iconoboebandgeek99:oboebandgeek99 3 0 Portal 2 by oboebandgeek99 Portal 2 :iconoboebandgeek99:oboebandgeek99 0 0 I'll Follow the Sun by oboebandgeek99 I'll Follow the Sun :iconoboebandgeek99:oboebandgeek99 0 0 Hallelujah by oboebandgeek99 Hallelujah :iconoboebandgeek99:oboebandgeek99 1 0


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Trust No One, Chapter 13
Chapter 13: The Deal
Dipper and Mabel were on the run. They were on the trail of a conspiracy surrounding the founder of Gravity Falls. They were also running from Sheriff Blubs and Deputy Durland, who were hot on their tail, trying to prevent them from discovering the hidden truth. It had all started with the Pines being stuck in traffic, encircled by covered wagons pulled by horses. The whole town was celebrating Pioneer Day, the celebration of the anniversary in which Gravity Falls, Oregon was established. It now made sense to Dipper why Wendy and Adam had decided to spend the day together visiting all their favorite spots in town. The story went on about how the small tourist town was founded by the brave Nathaniel Northwest, Pacifica's great grandfather. Or so it was told. 3 had mentioned that it's author was close to finding the real founding story, that Nathaniel Northwest was in fact a fraud. Mabel had been made fun of by Pacifica in front of the whole town. Ne
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I was thinking of adding more subplots to we're friends and we're friends platonic featuring even more ridiculous subplots with MORE couples and characters, such as izzy/owen. also i was thinking Ezekial could play a big part. what do you think?



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